Dance to the tune of our fiddle!

Click here for a sample video clip

Do the Irish 3 step, the Seven’s and the Jig, as well as aerobic dance steps like the Charleston, Grapevine, and Heel Digs.

Have fun with steps that are Irish inspired, but created for Eirerobics, such as the Irish Cross, the Celtic Knot and the Shrug.

Advanced dvd format allows you to play all, or pick your favorite routines. Choose from two audio options – with or without commentary. Three shorter versions are also available: “Beginning Irish” “Jigs Only” or “Eirerobics Mix”.

A section on step instructions is included, although most people find they can learn by just following along. A brief overview of the history of dance in Ireland will get you in the mood to dance!

NOTE: This is not an instruction DVD in Irish dancing. It is an exercise program, inspired by Irish dance steps, using traditional dance music.