If you have ever enjoyed an Irish dance performance, and wished you could “do a little jig,” Eirerobics is for you!

By simplifying the basic dance steps and combining it with aerobic moves and basic marching, we have created a way to enjoy the fun and joy of Irish dancing at home.   Where you truly can “dance as if no one were watching”!

No one in this video is a professional dancer.  We wanted to create a program for real women of all ages – taking the dance back to the crossroads where the Irish used to dance, just for fun.   We hope you will come join us.

Instructor and Eirerobics creator, Diane Laverty has been a student of dance for over fifty years and been involved with aerobics, both taking and teaching class for almost thirty years.  A latecomer to Irish dance, she wanted to create a video where everyone could do some dancing and enjoy the beautiful traditional Irish dance music. 


Complete step instructions also included –
no prior dance experience required



Cameo appearance by
Kilian Laverty.

Dedicated to the memory of my grandfather, Francis Jerome Laverty, known for his kindness and his dancing, and whose parents,Thomas of Connemara and Maggie of Wexford left Ireland for New York  in 1879.